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Koo HP, Bunchman TE, Flynn JT, Punch JD, Schwartz AC, Bloom DA. Renal transplantation in children with severe lower urinary tract dysfunction. . 1999 Jan. 161 (1):240-5. .

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Note hypertrophied bladder neck and dilated posterior urethra proximal to valve narrowing.
Note irregular trabeculated bladder and high-grade vesicoureteral reflux.
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Martin David Bomalaski, MD, FAAP Pediatric Urologist, Alaska Urology; Clinical Assistant Professor, Seattle Children's Hospital Martin David Bomalaski, MD, FAAP is a member of the following medical societies: Alpha Omega Alpha , American Academy of Pediatrics , EspritCHERRY HEART Trainers white zPTyK6k8F
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.

Martin David Bomalaski, MD, FAAP
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Mary L Windle, PharmD Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy; Editor-in-Chief, Medscape Drug ReferenceDisclosure: Nothing to disclose.

There will always be people who tell you what you can and cannot do. They will provide the statistics and data that will discourage you from pursuing your dreams. And then there is that little voice inside of your head that says “what am I doing? I should throw in towel.” Don’t listen to him! Believe in yourself. Visualize your success and persevere through the pressure.

Don’t let anyone keep you from living your authentic life. You know what you want. You know it is within you to create an extraordinary life for yourself and those connected to you. If anyone is currently trying to hold you back from living your best life (intentionally or not), take the necessary steps to disconnect from them so you don’t become trapped in a life of mediocrity.

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Take immediate action.

Focus on what you can do in the present moment. Don’t worry about what you should have done last week or what you might be able to do tomorrow. The only time you can affect is the present. If you focus too much on your past or your future, you will miss living your today. And today is what counts because you cannot change what happened yesterday and you cannot predict what will happen tomorrow.

It is time to experience your best life. Ignore what the naysayers have to say. Because if you allow them they will keep you locked into yesterday, scared to live today and fearful of what might happen tomorrow. Do not let a naysayer talk you out of going after a goal.

If you desire to start an exercise program, a new business venture, a new career or anything that makes your life better, do not wait. Take action now. But, you must eliminate the things from your life that distracts you from taking action. That means turning off the television, silencing the phone, closing down social media and refusing to listen to naysayers. The longer you hold on to an idea without acting on it, the weaker it becomes and the more leverage you give the words of your naysayers.

“The greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what others think”

Question: What can you do to diffuse a naysayer in your life? Leave a comment below.

Question: What can you do to diffuse a naysayer in your life? Leave a comment below.

The role of men is changing in the 21st century. Want to keep up?

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For example, to sort companies that haven’t been contacted ( last_contacted is null) after companies that have been contacted:

Func() expressions are the base type of all expressions that involve database functions like COALESCE and LOWER , or aggregates like SUM . They can be used directly:

or they can be used to build a library of database functions:

But both cases will result in a queryset where each model is annotated with an extra attribute field_lower produced, roughly, from the following SQL:

See ReplayGHOST Mules black O7sAMsRh9
for a list of built-in database functions.

The Func API is as follows:

A class attribute describing the function that will be generated. Specifically, the function will be interpolated as the function placeholder within template . Defaults to None .

A class attribute, as a format string, that describes the SQL that is generated for this function. Defaults to '%(function)s(%(expressions)s)' .

If you’re constructing SQL like strftime('%W', 'date') and need a literal % character in the query, quadruple it ( %%%% ) in the template attribute because the string is interpolated twice: once during the template interpolation in as_sql() and once in the SQL interpolation with the query parameters in the database cursor.

A class attribute that denotes the character used to join the list of expressions together. Defaults to ', ' .

A class attribute that denotes the number of arguments the function accepts. If this attribute is set and the function is called with a different number of expressions, TypeError will be raised. Defaults to None .

Generates the SQL for the database function.

The as_vendor() methods should use the function , template , arg_joiner , and any other **extra_context parameters to customize the SQL as needed. For example:


To avoid a SQL injection vulnerability, extra_context must not contain untrusted user input as these values are interpolated into the SQL string rather than passed as query parameters, where the database driver would escape them.

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